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Mystery Distance


Did you know that our running ancestors depended on running for survival?  They were forced to balance speed and sustainability with unknown distance like we no longer have to.  How fast can you run without knowing how far you have to go?  Thousands of years ago a hunter could set out in the morning and have to be prepared to run 5 or 50 miles.  

This race is a chance to see how you cope with the struggles your ancestors faced every day.  The Mystery race will be longer than a half marathon, but shorter than a full marathon.  It could be 13.5 miles, 26 miles, or anywhere in between.  

This course will be out and back just like the other distances.  It will follow the 13.1 Mile course to the 13.1 Mile turnaround Aid Station (see 13.1 mile course info).  The Mystery race will then continue on the North Country Trail.  There is a road crossing at mile 7 (if the race goes that far).  On the other side of County Highway S, the course will continue on the North Country Trail until there is a "Mystery Race Turn Around Aid Station".  The trail will be sufficiently closed off and there will be volunteers at that aid station checking bibs and ensuring all runners in this race turn around at that point.  All runners must check in at the Mystery race Turn Around Aid Station before heading back towards the Finish at Palmer's Landing.  The 13.1 Mile turnaround Aid Station will be available for use on the way back. 

Mystery Distance Map.jpg
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